Grape Variety




The vineyard is south facing, in the municipality of Massafra to about 280 slm The grape harvest is carried out tentatively in the second half of September, taking into account the climatic conditions of each vintage.
Grapes grown from time immemorial in intercropping with verdeca.


The soft pressing with stemming the grapes and fermentation of the must thermo-white flower.

Tasting notes

A wine of straw yellow to golden color, with aromas of floral compounds, very strongly is the scent of roses. In the mouth has a fruity taste, delicious flavors with floral notes once again.
Alcohol: 13.5 °C


Alone is an excellent aperitif. The whole meal is fine for light dishes, fresh cheeses and tantalize.
The combination with cakes made of dried sweet with almonds.
Serve at a temperature of about 8 ° C.

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