Tagliente’s family has always been devoted with great passion to the cultivation of vineyards.

This attitude, combined with the spirit of sacrifice, is the result of the teachings transmitted by Domenico and Margherita to their children. On the strength of their convictions, Tagliente’s family, in order to make the best viticulture and enhance the goodness of grapes the land production is able to made, decides to  enhance the local vineyards.

The synergy between our land and grapes such as Primitivo, Verdeca and Fiano Minutolo is unmistakable. The combination of some "alien" varieties with ours permit to produce wines of great structure and aging potential.

Tagliente’s brothers and their strong awareness, in order to maintaining a single entity capable of dealing with technical and manufacturing of market challenge, give rise to the agricultural company and winery called "Lama di Rose".

In 2003 the family decides to give life to the winery for processing grapes produced by the company which has an area of about 28 hectares, 18 of which are vineyards, 5 are olive trees, 4 are arable land and 1 of Mediterranean land.

In recent years, the company is being enriched with new components that, with their enthusiasm, enrich it with new ideas that represent the lifeblood of a young and modern company


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